Wedding Shape Up

Hi! I apologize for my three month blogging hiatus. I have been busy being a career woman and planning a wedding. But, I'm back now!

Which should I choose in order to fit into my wedding dress.

Which should I choose in order to fit into my wedding dress.

My wedding is less than five months away. I found my dream dress a few months ago and did what any non-rationally thinking bride would do - ordered my dress a size smaller than what I usually wear. Now, if I had been sticking to my workout plan and eating small portions of healthy foods over the past few months, this smaller size would not be an issue. However, I let me crazy work schedule get the best of me and became pretty relaxed when it came to workouts and small, healthy meals. I also indulged in more red wine, dark chocolate and soy milk lattes than I usually do. If I'm going to be able to zip that dress up, I'm going to need to slim down before I walk down the aisle.

This is where my trusted trainer and friend, Suzie Cooney, comes into the picture. I first went to Suzie back in 2009 while I was still living on Maui. She introduced me to free weights,core stabilizing exercises, and most memorably, SUP. I was sad that I was no longer able to work out with her when I moved back to Oregon.

I continued to stay in contact with Suzie through Facebook and always loved reading her blog. She has such a big heart and passion for helping others. I'm lucky to have her as a mentor.

About a month ago, I was brainstorming how I was going to get in shape for the wedding. I wanted someone to hold me accountable for my diet and exercise. I didn't want to burden a friend or family member, but instead wanted to hire someone to help push me toward my fitness and physique goals. All of a sudden, I remembered Suzie. I emailed her my request and she said that she was happy to set up a consultation over Skype so we could work together on a plan.

I love connecting through Skype!

I love connecting through Skype!

It has worked out beautifully! Over the course of an hour, we talked about my current diet, fitness, and mindset and where I would like to be on my wedding day and in the future. She helped design an affordable plan with exercises and suggestions to help me reach my goals. We do Skype calls every few weeks to check-in and make adjustments to the plan. I have been keeping track of my workouts on a spreadsheet and email them to Suzie each Sunday night so she can see what I'm doing and I can be held accountable for my workouts. My favorite part of our plan is that I text her after every workout. This way she knows that I'm over here in Oregon pushing through my workouts and I feel good "checking-in" with her once my workout is complete.

For the diet portion of the plan, Suzie suggested that I try the App "My FitnessPal". Now, I am not someone who likes counting calories or worries about every single thing I put in my mouth. However, having to enter everything that I eat into that little program and have it tell me that I have "437 calories remaining for my day" makes me think twice before snacking on a few tortilla chips or grabbing some frozen yogurt. It's helped me become aware of what and how much I'm eating. You can also enter your workouts into the daily log to earn extra daily calories.

What has worked for me so far on this "Wedding Shape Up" is knowing that I'm not just accountable to myself, but to Suzie as well. She is allowing me to be flexible with my workouts by encouraging me to do 4-5 cardio and weight training workouts a week instead of having me adhere to a structured plan. Having a daily caloric goal,
and tracking what and how much I'm eating has helped me reduce my portion size and amount of mindless eating I do.

My goals for this Wedding Shape Up include fitting into my wedding dress (obviously) by losing 10 pounds, being more consistent with my exercise and eating healthy, and feel more energized to represent the lifestyle that I share with others.

Whew! That's a lot to accomplish, but I know that I can do it. With Suzie's support and making my health a priority in my life, I've got this.

Anyone else out there making some big changes with their life? What are you doing to support this growth in your life? Are you coming up against any resistance? 

If so, I recommend Mastin's "The Daily Love" article from last week detailing why resistance is a part of positive change. It helped me to recognize my own self-resistance and work through it.

Adios amigos,


Me enjoying my wine before this "Wedding Shape Up" started.

Me enjoying my wine before this "Wedding Shape Up" started.

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