How to Begin: Rebuilding Life from Within


I saw the above photo and quote posted on Facebook  a while back and saved it as my laptop desktop. Each day when I open my computer screen, I read this quote and reflect on how it applies to my life. Below is the quote in bold along with my reflections.

Love yourself, unconditionally.

Only you can learn to love yourself. You cannot expect others to be your only source of love. If we don’t love ourselves, how can we expect for others to do it for us? You are your only guaranteed source of love. It’s not self-absorbed to love yourself; it’s essential to love yourself to be able to live your best life. If you choose to love yourself, you set an example for others to love you and to love themselves.

When you love yourself, you make positive choices and treat yourself with respect. When you treat yourself with respect, others will treat you with respect.

Release your bottled up emotions.

When you have unreleased emotions, they cause dis-ease. I believe that holding onto negative emotions creates physical symptoms within the body. I know first hand that stuffing questionable, negative emotions, created dis-ease within my body. As soon as I accepted and expressed my emotions, my physical symptoms started to heal.

Ask yourself what you are holding in and express it in whatever way is comfortable for you. Write it in your journal, tell the Universe, express your feelings to a friend or confidant. Get it out.

Make time for long walks, alone.

I am a big believer in walks. Because Layla needs a walk each day, I have one built into my schedule. But even on days when I’m apart from her or just need a break from my work day, I go for a walk. I try to leave my phone and just let my mind wander. I thank the Universe for my health and happiness. I express gratitude for being alive and the beauty around me. I end with asking what I can do to make the most of my time here today. And I end by being grateful for my ability to physically walk.

Avoid living beyond your means.

This one is very tough for me to follow. I’m drawn to such beautiful things that I want to buy so many beautiful objects. But the thing is that they’re just physical objects. I also want to purchase amazing experiences. Like a trip to Europe or an expensive five course dinner paired with fine wine. I know that I will experience these luxuries at some point in my life, but they do not fit into my current budget.

I chose to not go into debt and follow a monthly budget. If I spend more than I make, it makes me feel anxious and drained. Therefore, I prioritize and plan out how I will spend my money. I find that housing and food take up the majority of my budget. After that, gas, utilities, and toiletries. The bit that’s left over goes to gifts, grooming, charities, and personal savings. I choose not to spend more than I make because it stresses me out if I spend more money than I take in. 

Nurture your inner strength.

It is my belief that we are all strong spirits having a human experience. It’s so easy to get bogged down with day to day negativity. It take nurturing your inner strength to see the beauty in everyday ugliness. We are all stronger than we know. What would you do today if you truly loved yourself? It would most likely evoke some inner strength.

Stop apologizing for being you.

We are all meant to be 100% ourself. You are meant to be true to yourself as much as I am meant to be true to myself. Therefore, there is no reason to apologize for being true to yourself. We don’t need to try to be someone else; we’re already perfectly made to be  true to ourself. Therefore, stop apologizing for being yourself. You’re meant to be yourself. Many everyday people have become famous, amazing individuals for being themselves and staying true to their true self. You can do the same by staying true to yourself.

Surround yourself with positive people.

We all chose whom we spend our time with. Why not chose to be around positive people? I like being in a positive state of mind. I like being around positive people. Therefore, I chose to surround myself with positive people. My friends do a good job of lifting me up and helping me to feel good about myself. If I experience constant negativity from someone in my life, I evaluate if I want to continue putting my energy into this individual or if my life would benefit from distancing myself from this person. We all have the choice of who we want to spend our limited time and energy with.

Embrace your situation, whatever it may be.

We are all on our own journey and it’s the right one for us. We’re all exactly where we should be at this very moment. We can chose to view it as a positive or negative experience, it’s all how we view it. By choosing to embrace our situation and where we are currently in our life, we allow for even greater things to come to us. How can you appreciate where you are in your life today and welcome even greater experiences into your being?

These are simply my thoughts and reflections on the bolded advice above. What do you think about the advice? Do you have any life experience or advice to share? I’m all ears :)


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