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Greetings from San Francisco, California! Actually I've been home for over a week now, but I'm finally getting a chance to recap my fun from a few weekends ago. I flew down to San Francisco for a long weekend to visit my friend Drew, of DBS: Culinary-Minded Marketing and explore the city that I had never been to. It was a much needed trip full of relaxation, fun, and indulgence.


We started our first afternoon at Nick's Crispy Taco's in Drew's Russian Hill neighborhood. I had a grilled fish taco "Nick's Style" with lots of chips, guacamole, and split a pitcher of margarita to kick off my weekend getaway full of good eats.


Later that night Drew's roommate and her friend were nice enough to do our hair before we went out for a night on the town. I don't exactly remember where we went out that night, but know that we did a lot of walking and ended up at a karaoke bar. I had a blast hanging out with her friends and dancing the night away. 

saint frank.jpg

Sunday morning called for almond milk lattes from Saint Frank coffee house. It was the perfect creamy latte, but did not contain enough caffeine to get me off of the couch for most of the day. I was literally in heaven, glued to the sofa watching Bravo for a good portion of the day.


I was starving by the time noon rolled around and am so happy that I shelled out almost $20 for an ahi tuna salad and peanut butter chocolate rice crispy treat from Blue Barn down the street. It was one of the top five salads I have had in my life. It came in a huge Chinese take out container and I happily enjoyed every last bite of savory goodness. (Gluten-free friends - substitute the miso-ginger vinaigrette for the sweet-sour dressing and leave out the soba noodles.)


Late in the afternoon, I decided I needed a little exercise and sight seeing. I walked down to the Piers and obviously gravitated towards the Ferry Building Marketplace. The market houses about 50 different specialty food shops, restaurants, and cafes. I was bummed that I wasn't hungry because I could have eaten my way through the market. 


I ended up waiting in line for twenty minutes at Blue Bottle Coffee for an iced coffee. I can't say that the $4 small iced coffee was anything amazing, but it fun to try a local favorite.


My walk home involved climbing what felt like a thousand stairs and hundreds of hilly city blocks. It was an absolutely beautiful, sunny, Sunday afternoon. I felt a mixture of thankfulness and sadness as I walked back from the pier alone. My gratitude focused on being able to be in an exciting city while exploring new spots at my leisure. My sadness surrounded knowing that it can be even more enjoyable to share new sights and experiences with people you deeply care about. As I continue to travel and explore the world on my own, I'm sure I'll experience this same juxtaposition. Therefore, I'm opening up to letting my emotions fully flow through me instead of trying to shoo them away.


My night ended back at the apartment with Drew, her roommate and I ordering Vietnamese pho delivery from Aux Delices while watching Captain Phillips. It was the perfect ending to a very relaxing day.

Quotes on the wall at Beauty Company SF

Quotes on the wall at Beauty Company SF

Monday was a day full of my favorite things - enjoying my Americano at Starbucks that morning, working out at Pop Physique, getting my nails done at Beauty Company, walking around Russian Hill, stopping to enjoy a glass of wine, and going out on the town. 


After attending a SF restaurant association event with Drew and her friend, we enjoyed cocktails at the fabulous Michael Mina downtown. We flirted it up with the bartenders then headed to Park Tavern for dinner and ended the our night on the town before 10PM. This was necessary for me to catch my early flight the next morning. If anyone lives somewhere with Uber cab service, I highly recommend downloading their App. With a $20 referral code, my cab ride to the airport was only $13!

Wise words to live by

Wise words to live by

Thank you to Drew for an unforgettable, rejuvenating trip down to San Francisco. I will hopefully be back soon to continue exploring the city!

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