Today's Lessons

I can’t erase the past, only learn from it. It’s ok. Applying what I know makes the present and the future a beautiful place to be.”- Kamal Ravikant

I read this quote from Kamal Ravikant's ebook "Love Yourself Like Your Life Depends On It" this morning as I sat at Starbucks. His words reminded me that the past will always be there, but it is our choice which lens we chose to view it with. We all have the choice to learn from mistakes we have made and try not to recreate negative patterns moving forward. We can all create our own version of heaven on earth. It's simply allowing yourself to let go of your fears and insecurities and keeping your mind focused on the beautiful, dream life you desire.

Today has been a reminder for me to focus on all of the goodness that is out there in the world and within our hearts. I was reminded that life is too short and precious to be taken for granted. Please follow your heart to what brings you joy, share your delight with others and remember that you are a unique gift to the world. When you shine, you allow others to shine. Do not give up hope when you have a bad day because that is simply all it is, a bad day not a bad life. I'll leave you with a graphic that has inspired me over the past few years. Every once in a while, I refer back to it and am reminded to follow my passion and let go of what is no longer serving me. Take good care of yourself!

Much love,


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