30 Day Career Challenge - Complete!!!

30 days. So much can change in 30 days. When I started my 30 day career hustle challenge, I didn’t know what was to come. But, I knew that I could handle whatever came my way. I knew this because I had been in a similar situation in the past. Two times actually.

There have been two different periods during my past where I was unemployed. Once during the recession and again a few years after that. My mindset during those times was much different than it is now. Back then, I was full of fear, self-doubt, insecurity. I didn’t believe that I was worth it. I was fearful that I would not survive the uncertainty of not having a stable job.

My, how time changes things. Now, at 31 years of age, I am quite trusting that everything works out as its meant to. I am certain that with enough faith, work, and connections, the right opportunity will present itself to me. In the past, I thought you must suffer in order to be rewarded. Over time, I learned that you can simply ask, believe, and receive. This may sound silly to some, but I whole-heartedly believe the Universe gives you what you ask for. It just might not materialize exactly as you expect it to.

When my department was dissolved at work and I was given the option to leave or go back to my old job. I knew in my heart that I could not go backward with my career. I felt drawn to explore new opportunities and see what else was out there. I gave myself a time limit of 30 days to line up a new career path.

I started to write out all of the different options that sounded appealing to me. I could design websites and logos as a freelance designer. I could take on female clients and teach them how to build confidence and create their presence online. I could apply for remote jobs and figure out if I wanted to stay in Bend or move elsewhere. I could apply for jobs in Bend and continue living my life with my friends and community in town.

In pure Kilee fashion, I started to go after all of these options. I wanted to feel them out. I made a pact to myself to connect with three different people each day. I emailed, messaged, called, and text everyone on my phone. I sat in meditation in the morning. I practiced my yoga sequence. I walked by the river. I listened to Flow Dreaming podcasts. I journaled in my journal. I called friends and talked through all my different options. I felt out the different possibilities. 

I signed a few web design and graphic design clients. I applied for jobs online and through referrals through friends. I was very active for the first 3 weeks. Then, I took a break.

I had already planned a vacation to Hawaii months before. Part of me wanted to skip the trip because I did not have a full time income lined up. The other part of me wanted to enjoy this time of not being tied to a particular job. I ended up boarding my flight to Oahu from PDX and even added on another trip down to Palm Springs to cap off my travels. The career seeds had been planted and now I needed to trust that between the sun and water, the fruits of my labor would grow.

I’ve always been more comfortable in the masculine, push, power-through energy. To be on vacation, trying to relax, while remaining calm about where my career would be heading, was not easy. I preach about embracing the feminine, receptive energy, yet I was not melting into it. 

The first full day on Oahu was my 31st birthday. My girlfriend showered me with a very “Kilee-like” birthday celebration of a yoga meditation class, shopping at the brand new Fabletics store in Waikiki, pineapple martinis at Roy’s, an afternoon at the beach, capped off with a delicious wine and steak dinner prepared by her boyfriend. We ended the night with her signature superfood raw cacao pudding. It was a very special day and I felt very loved.

After a few wonderful days exploring Oahu, the first leg of my Hawaii trip came to an end. As I boarded the plane to Maui, I was offered a digital marketing position with a local jewelry company whose values and vision aligned with my own. I could not accept the role right on the spot, as there were further conversations and negotiations that needed to take place. In that moment, I felt a bit of pride. My 30 day challenge worked. I knew that I was going to be okay. I knew that I was not got to relive the nearly year-long stints of unemployment that I had experienced in the past. I also knew that I did not have to take the position. If for some reason, I didn’t feel that it was the right move for my path, I could figure something else out.

As I filmed the daily career hustle videos, I felt kinda silly. As if, these daily check-ins didn’t really matter or make a difference. I still did them though. I made a commitment that I was going to share my experiences daily, as I set out to find a new line of work. I wanted to show others first hand that you really can create a new reality for yourself within a mere 30 days if you put your mind and heart toward it. 

I learned that life should include a balance of masculine drive along with feminine receptivity. That between these two states, something magical can occur.

I’m very pleased to share that I will return to Bend to start my new role at the jewelry company, exactly 34 days after leaving my previous company. How lucky am I? Pretty darn lucky. But, this opportunity did not materialize out of thin air. I created the right environment for this opportunity to take place. It reminds me of a quote that a friend once shared with me, “Be the type of person that lucky things happen to.”

I now know that I landed this new role because I took a leap of faith. I also asked for what I wanted, believed that with the right amount of work and connection, I could make it happen. Finally, I waited to receive the fruit that I had asked for.

Thank you for following my journey over the past 30 days. Please know that I felt a bit silly and indulgent at times, filming myself and sharing my thoughts with you. However, I wanted to document my journey to share with you the exact ins and outs of taking a leap of faith and landing on your feet. 

Now, go out there and take your leap!!

Much love and light,


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