Hood River Fun With Friends

How fortunate am I? I just got back from a fun-filled day in Hood River yesterday. We knew that it was going to be a super hot weekend in the Pacific Northwest. Three of my girlfriends and I did our best to make the most of the heat by heading to Hood River and cramming in as many fun activities as we could.

We started our morning by hiking Punch Bowl Falls. After our approximate eight mile hike, we were starving for lunch. We refueled at pFriem Brewery and headed straight to the water to cool off. It was super hot and the only refuge from the near 100 degree weather was in the river water. 

Karlee and Stephanie had bought groupons to try out fly-boarding. It was so fun to watch them!! They did a great job and we got some video footage of their water action. We spent the rest of the afternoon SUPing on Stephanie's blow up board, keeping her dog, Mamba cool by doggie paddling with him in the water, and just hanging out on the doc.

Once we were completely worn out, we headed a little out of town to capture some pictures of Mt. Hood, stopped for some cider tasting at Fox Tail Cider and Crush Cider, and refueled again at Double Mountain Brewery for dinner.

Our drive home was spent singing our hearts out to 90's music and capturing photos of the sunset. It was such a successful, special day. Days like yesterday remind me of just how precious and magical life is. My hope is that everyone gets to enjoy days like yesterday this summer. Let's all make time to get together with friends and simply enjoy our time on this planet. What are you looking forward to this summer? Let me know!! Much love, Kilee

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