Kilee Johnson is a lover of life who likes to think outside the box. She leads a life full of love, beauty, happiness, and freedom. Her desire is to help women connect with their intuition and take inspired action to create a life that feels good from the inside out.


She continuously shows up with a positive attitude, desire to help others and a willingness to grow. This website is her space online to share what inspires her, what she's working on and her most recent thoughts.

Bend Farmers Market

Her time is spent doing things she loves. She cooks healthy, gluten-free meals, practices yoga and meditation, works for a digital marketing agency, walks in nature, and reads about whatever she's interested in at the moment. To sum it up, her life often feels like a dream!


This website is her area online to share her current interests, projects she's working on and connect with other like-minded individuals. This space is centered around her core values: love, health, freedom and inspiration.

I desire to create a dream life. One centered around living authentically, seeing beauty all around me, loving myself and others and simply enjoying the journey.